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Central Statistical Office of Poland


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Comprehensive information on agricultural production results, production and economic conditions of agriculture, production balance-sheet of major agricultural products, supply and use of producers’ goods, as well as information on income situation in agriculture. Agricultural and environmental profile of rural areas.


Basic indices on the socio-economic situation of the country with respect to, among others, quarterly GDP estimates, labour market, wages and salaries, social security benefits, population, prices, money and finance, agriculture, industry, construction, transport and trade. Monthly or quarterly data on the socio-economic situation of the EU member states.


Analysis of basic phenomena and processes in national economy, including quarterly estimates of GDP. Tendencies in labour market within the field of inflation and earnings in the key sectors of the national economy (industry, construction, agriculture, market services), foreign trade, as well as in within the scope of money supply and national budget. Additionally, quarterly information on financial performance of non-financial corporations and inputs, stock exchange, demographic processes, as well as arrivals and departures from Poland. Tabular part includes selected indicators of economic situation in the country and basic macroeconomic indicators for the EU.


Publication contains production data for about 240 products or assortment groups classified in accordance with Polish Classification of Products and Services (PKWiU), introduced 1.01.2009 for use in statistics, recording, documentation and accountancy and in government registers and information systems.

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