27-08-2012, Heerlen

It's only 9 days!!!!! And the next EVS started in Poland / Spala.

The good news is, that 245 participants play volleyball in 32 teams.

Have a pleasant time you all.

Leo van Meegeren


10-02-2012, Heerlen

Hello EVS-friends,

By "next EVS-organiser" you find the link to EVS 2012 in Poland.


Christmas card 2011


04-10-2011, Heerlen

Dear EVS-friends,

We have sad news from the EVS family.

Last week Heike Strang died after a fight of 5 years against cancer.
She was only 46 years old.

Heike was an enthusiastic member of the group Germany NRW Düsseldorf.
She liked the EVS very much and Heike was part of the EVS family since EVS2001.

Our warmest thoughts go out to  Michael Strang, Heike's husband who is also Teamcaptain Germany NRW.

For countries who would like to send a message to Michael :

Michael Strang
Blasiusstrasse 61
40221 Düsseldorf

Best regards,

Frans Duijsings
Chairman EVS Headquarters



18-02-2011, Heerlen

Hello colleagues in Europe,

Winter is almost over and I get the EVS-jitters. Have you send your subscribtion to the EVS-organisation in Portugal? Only Slovakia, Lithuania and The Netherlands/Heerlen have signed up. Please, sign up as soon as possible! We hope to see you all in May.

Behalf of EVS Headquarters,

Leo van Meegeren



15-01-2011, Heerlen

Welcome to the website of EVS-HQ,                                                                                                                       The site from the HeadQuarters of the yearly European Volleyball tournament for Statisticians, EVS.  Here you find the history and the future of the tournament, the rules and other protocols in use by the organisers of an EVS, etc.

We hope to greet new participants in the EVS for the years to come.




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